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Friday, May 23, 2014

Blog post summarizing day #2 by Rachel T:

Something that surprised you about your experience today:

Everything today was a surprise, from seeing a lot of different things on the drive from Arusha to the Serengeti and to finally arriving at camp in the Serengeti. The one thing I have to say that surprised me the most was how nice the camp was, we definitely were not roughing it. The staff was amazing, the tents were amazing and the fact that we could hear so many different animals right outside of our tents was amazing.

An aspect of the day that you didn't think anyone noticed:

What I really noticed was how much work the staff put in to making us feel welcomed. They waited on us hand and foot like we were royalty. The whole staff from the campsite was great and not to say ,no one else noticed it, but no one really talked about it.

A part of the day that everyone needs to hear about:

Since this was our first day game driving I think the most important thing about it is how many animals we saw in a matter of three hours or so. We saw a cheetah and a cub, elephants, zebra, gazelle, hyenas, and then finally two lions sharing a zebra for dinner. I mean it doesn’t get much better than that on your first day on the Serengeti.

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