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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The gifts we are bringing

This photo shows some of the supplies that we are bringing to two schools in Tanzania. I visited both of these schools in January and asked for requests.

The top box is for a local K-7 school that we will be visiting. They requested laptops; we have five for them, including a nice iBook G4 donated by Pearson Education. They will also receive about 70 composition notebooks (which are very heavy!).

We will also be visiting a Maasai kindergarten. The bottom box is filled with the supplies they requested, including pencils, white chalk, colored chalk, and writing paper.

Notice also the photographs. I printed out copies of all the photos I took of the children at these schools (one print per child in the photo). When I last visited, I noticed how interested the children were in seeing their picture on the view screen on the camera. I hope to give all these photos away to the children pictured in them.

Leaving in 5 days!

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